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We pride ourselves on happy patients and appreciate their kind testimonials and reviews.


“Forest Lake Family Dental is comprised of a team of listeners who honestly care and consider the patient’s ideas and concerns before diagnosing and recommending a palatable solution.”

“Its been a long time since I had been to the office and I was treated with respect and welcomed. What a wonderful group of doctors and assistants to make my experience hopeful. I hope and believe we can get (my dental health) back in order and have no doubt they will do as such. Thank You!”

“I hate going to the dentist but as usual it was a very pleasant experience. I can't believe how quickly you filled my tooth.”

“We always have a very pleasant experience every time that we go into Forest Lake Family Dental. They always go out of their way to make us all feel comfortable and relaxed! I already recommended Forest Lake Family Dental to my brother and he has nothing but good to say every time that he goes in for an appointment. I will continue to spread the word to everyone that I talk to. Thank you for going above and beyond to always accommodate us!”

“I came in, as usual, with ALL THREE kids. Also as usual, you all rolled with our craziness. On top of that, we were on a tight schedule. These are the days that make me more sure than ever that we will be coming to Forest Lake Family Dental as long as we live here!! Thank you!”

“Excellent job, no complaints. I like that the dentist will take the time to do a good job that will last a lifetime and is willing to answer questions and explain the procedures and techniques and materials. Thank you.”

“I don't dread going to the Dentist!”

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